1Morph Shawl                                                          $5.00

The idea for this shawl began with a conversation about an unfinished project and hand-written notes.  After years of "what happened on this row" and "what does this note mean", it became obvious that a pattern intervention would be necessary to transform the design into a modern aesthetic.  A non descript increase area has been converted into bold eyelets to become a feature edge.  Without compromising the intended structure, this design alters the confusing stitches and forms an elongated triangle with an I-cord bind off.  The bottom up construction provides for yarn weight choice.  This shawl not only celebrates knitting while talking, but also allows the wearer to indulge in the comfort of a hand-knit accessory.

Yarn:  600 yards chunky weight.  Note:  The bottom-up construction of this shawl provides for yarn weight choice.  If choosing a different weight than listed, a different needle size and yardage is required.  For example, when working with smaller weight yarn use smaller needle and more yardage.

Needle:  US 10.5

Dimension:  approximately 70" wide and 24" down center back