Bumpy Bocce Scarf                                              $5.00

A good time was had by all!  Bocce game participants and observers alike appreciated the skill needed to control the trajectory of the bouncing balls.  Clearly the bumpy court did not meet official game standards.  No worries.  The winners cherished their bragging rights.  The losers vowed to beat them next year.  Everyone was rewarded with a cold beverage.  This scarf includes design elements intended to be a reminder of that laughter-filled day.  The opposing increases and decreases form a gentle curve mimicking the unexpected path of the ball.  The texture along the cast-on, bind-off, and contrast stripes resembles all the thrown bocce balls heading for the target.  The combination and repetition of these patterns not only adds visual interest but also provides for a relatively fast-knit project.

Dimension:  approximately 9" wide and 85" long

Yarn:  450 yards sport weight for Main Color and 240 yards DK weight for Contrasting Color.

US 8 needle