Chain Stripes Leg Warmers                                      $5.00

Introducing a stylish accessory to add to the plethora of leggings in your collection of fashionable apparel.  These leg warmers feature the chain stripes stitch pattern that creates a fabric with raised slip-stitch colorwork, offering a sculptural alternative to traditional stripes.  Knit in the round with three sizes of dpns, the garment hugs the shape of the leg while maintaining stitch count.  Two different rib patterns add visual interest as well as function.  Since the ankle is smooth and the upper calf is stretchy, these leg warmers can be worn with flats or boots.

Dimension:  approximately 15" long and 12" calf circumference

Yarn:  Color A (background)-200 yards worsted weight; Color B (5 chain stripes)-70 yards worsted weight; Color C (4 chain stripes)-60 yards worsted weight

Needle:  US 5, US 7, and US 9 dpns