Cross Your Fingers Eyelet Square Washcloth       $2.50

This washcloth uses basic shaping techniques to create a versatile design structure. The pattern is fashioned by increasing a stitch every row and upon reaching the middle, decreasing until  a square has been completed.  The end result is an eyelet border around the garter section. Notice the crossed yarn in the eyelet area.  Knitting from point to point with evenly placed shaping provides for a variety of alternate stitch patterns along the border.  For this design changes include slip stitches to form a dainty scalloped edge.  Also wider beginning/ending points match the border dimension.  With different yarn weights and needle sizes, this project can become a placemat,  baby blanket, or throw.  Bind off in the middle and it becomes a triangle shawl.

Dimension:  approximately 10.5" square

Yarn:  110 yards worsted weight cotton, linen, or cotton/linen blend

Needle:  US 5