Entrelac Pillow                                                           $6.00


Entrelac is a technique that results in fabric that appears to be woven.  Actually, each block/triangle is created separately and simultaneously connected to its neighbor.  The self-striping yarn adds some drama.  To complement the “woven” front, the back piece was created using the diagonal weave stitch pattern.  This particular pattern produces a dense textural fabric with minimal effort.  The two pieces are joined with a crochet edge.  Using a chunky yarn and large needle, this project progresses quickly. 

Dimension:  approximately 18" square

Yarn:  400 total yards chunky weight. (Front 180 yds) (Back 160 yds) (Border 60 yds)

Needle:  US 10.5; 5.5mm crochet hook

Other:  pillow form