Lozenge Little Herringbone Washcloth                  $2.50

This washcloth design is a friendly nod to weaving endeavors.  While certainly not produced on a loom, the project is created with two stitch patterns whose interlaced yarns result in a distinctive fabric.  Using two needle sizes and a unique knitting technique, the little herringbone forms a compressed fabric.  This dense border frames the more relaxed knit-purl lozenge stitch.  These stitch patterns are graphically unified as the triangular motif of the middle area mimics the zig-zag perimeter.  The combination of such dramatically different stitch patterns achieves a fascinating effect. 

Dimension:  approximately 9.5" square

Yarn:  100 yards DK weight cotton, linen, or cotton/linen blend

Needle:  US 3 and US 7