River Way Shawl                                                  $5.00

Like theKTstudio's Dry Creek Shawl, the geometric components of this shawl are constructed in one piece using a multi-directional technique and no picked-up stitches.  Unique to the River Way Shawl is the design element combination.  Two triangles of perpendicular sockinette fabric flank a center slip-stitch mosaic section.  The first triangle increases in size by working the cast-on stitches using short rows.  The second triangle realizes its shape by increasing on one side and simultaneously decreasing and attaching to the center section.  To maintain consistent fabric tension the cast on stitches and the slipped-stitch center are created wsith a larger needle.  A ssk bind off mimics the slipped stitches along the edge.  Stripes of different widths and a two-color crochet border add additional interest.

Dimension:  approximately 53" wide and 23 1/2" at center

Yarn:  285 yards each of Colors A and B fingering weight, 570 yards total

Needle:  US 6 and US 9

Hook:  US7, 4.5mm