Tube Chute Cowl                      $5.00                                 

This cowl is a reminder of a popular summer attraction, The Tube Chute.  Long lines of people in tubes float on the river and are funneled through a narrow channel.  The rapid force of water then spills them back into the river.  Fun times!  This "tube chute" is a more gentle activity and includes instructions for two versions.  While both designs contain eyelets and color stripes, the stitch pattern sequence changes in each cowl to create a unique accessory.  The cowl is constructed first as a long tube knit in the round.  Then the long tube is joined at the ends to form another tube.  Imagine a donut around your neck.  Yum!

Yarn for both cowls in photo:  Malabrigo Rios, 100%Superwash Merino, 100 grams, 210 yards; 2 skeins dark color and 1 skein contrasting color, 630 yards total.

Needle:  US 8, 16-inch circular

Substitute Yarn- worsted weight:  For one cowl - 210 yards main color and 105 yards contrasting color