Whole Note Shawl                                               $5.00

The conept of this shawl was inspired by beautifully written music.  Although a whole note is represented as a "hole" on a music staff, the sound of the note lasts for the duration of the entire measure.  Design elements in this shawl include crochet chained loop cast-on and bind-off methods, right and left bias sectins, large eyelets, slipped stitches, and rhythmic colors.  The armonious whole note motif is represented throughout the entire shawl.

Fingering Weight Yarn:  Main Color A = 350 yards; main color B = 350 yards; contrasting color = 300 yards.

Dimension:  approximately 13" wide down cinter back and 76" long.

US 6 knitting needle

4.5MM crochet hook